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Welcome to Punk Bullet Belts!

PunkBulletBelts.Com is a family owned and operated business and has been in the business for over 15 years selling bullet belts primarily as a wholesaler. Many of you who have purchased from other bullet belt retailers have actually indirectly purchased from us!

Why go with a competitor that comes up short??

Most of our competitors sell a 38 inch bullet belt and then tack on extra charges for each additional inch. Unlike our competitors, Punk Bullet Belts offers 308 and 223's belts in full 100 round links!

Check this out:

  • Our 308 bullet belt is 59 inches long.
  • Our 223 bullet belt is 47 inches long.
  • Our 30-06 bullet belt is 53 inches long.

We also offer a 50 Cal belt in 25 round links, measuring 23 inches long.

Purchase a PBB belt and you could have enough extra links to get a wrist bracelet, necklace, or just have available extra links - and it is FREE!

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